The short story of our long journey to design it right

It took long. Rather really long and quite often made us impatient. We were trying to achieve something that wasn’t done before in the Indian market and that made us go through countless cycles experimenting.

It all started with this one question. Why is there such a huge void when it comes to beautiful bedding in India as compared to international markets? Why do we continue to choose from the range of boring colors and a clutter of prints? While the answer was simple that we had limited choices, the solution wasn’t.

We also knew that this void was an opportunity, though not an easy one to fill. Our design philosophy is to keep it modern, yet minimalistic, smart and elegant. For us, bed is the centerpiece of a bedroom and it has to be dressed well. Or should we say, draped well?

It took us creating and rejecting countless designs, dealing with millimeters, shades of threads, the fall, and endless attempts to get it just right.

While getting the designs right was one aspect, finish that makes our bedding talk to you was another, and that made us travel extensively across the country to find master craftsmen who could meet out quality standards. This travel also inspired many of our designs.

It’s been a long journey, and as we continue to learn and evolve, we just have one assurance for our customers – you will be in love with your bed more than you’ve ever been. Veda Homes bedding offers a complete experience and promises to transform your bedroom into your favorite spot in the house, making it look new each day.

We breathe beautiful bedding, and beautiful bedding breaths us!

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